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South Florida Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

If you want the best for South Florida pressure washing then you have come to the right place. Since 2000 we have been busy working hard and earning the impeccable reputation we have. Part of our superior service starts with the fact that we offer such a wide variety of important services.

Roof cleaning

Roof Mildew Protection

Safeguard your roof against the elements with our roof mildew protection. This service will keep your roof looking good and in the best condition possible.

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No pressure roof cleaning

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

Gone are the days that power washing was the best way to clean your roofing. At Big Green Men we only use the no pressure roof cleaning system devised of eco-friendly cleaning agents and no water. Let us show you the difference our approach can make for your home and your roofing.

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House washing

House Washing

Washing your home's exterior from top to bottom improves the curb appeal, condition, and value. Let the experts at Big Green Men take care of safe but effective cleaning with our professional house washing.

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Driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

It doesn't take much for your driveway to begin to look dirty and stained with oil and rust. Not to mention, this becomes the ideal breeding ground for things like mildew and mold. Letting our team take care of your professional driveway cleaning can reverse these effects and make your property look better than ever.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

If you want to make a positive first impression then you need to consider the condition your sidewalks are in. Just like your driveway, it is essential to make sure your walkways cleaning is being taken care of by a team of true pros. The best part is that we can get the job done while still using eco-friendly methods and cleansers.

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Fence cleaning

Fence Cleaning

Every property detail deserves high-quality care, and our experts are here for all your pressure washing needs, including fence cleaning. Remove the grime that accumulates over time.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Left ignored, gutter cleaning is not just unsightly it can cause big problems. The last thing you need is mold, mildew or sagging gutters because you have yet to get around to wasting your day off trying to clean them out. All you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of it for you.

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Heavy equipment cleaning

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Keep your large machinery fully operational and working conditions safer with routine cleaning as part of your maintenance. Our heavy equipment cleaning is critical for your business.

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Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

Eliminate unwanted spray paint marks that are acts of vandalism with our graffiti removal services. Quick clean-up lowers the risk of further vandalism, permanent staining, and appearing as though your business is closed.

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Post construction clean up

Post Construction Clean Up

Big Green Menen would be happy to take care of the final details necessary for your project with post construction clean up. Focus on building, and we'll tackle the cleaning, getting your finished project ready for the walk-through, and move-in.

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Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Your windows are not just how you see out but how other people see your home. The last thing you want is to be that home with the grimy windows. We can use our skills and equipment to take care of what most companies can't eb bothered with – doing windows.

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Deck cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Having a deck is a great privilege. Of course taking care of the ongoing need for upkeep can seem like a hassle but, if left ignored, can lead to serious problems. The best way to take care of it is to simply pass the job on to us.

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