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South Florida Home Improvement Specialists

South Florida home improvement tasks are the type of jobs that begin to really add up on your to-do list. You keep meaning to get them taken care of but still keep putting them off for another day. When you know these tasks are jobs that are best left to professionals, then all you have to do is give our crew here at Big Green Men a call.

Don't keep putting off until tomorrow what we could be taking care of for you today. We have been the name to trust in for making your home look and function better since first starting in 2000. And now, we look forward to taking care of whatever you need, starting today.

Drywall repair

Drywall Repair

No matter how well decorated the inside of your home is, it can only look as good as your drywall will allow. If you have dings, scratches and holes that are in need of repair then you need to take care of getting this work completed by professionals. Don't let your banged up walls be what makes the first impression.

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Deck repair

Deck Repair

Having a deck in South Florida is a wonderful luxury. The problem is that too many homeowners let theirs go. If your deck is in need of repairs it is time to give us a call so we can get started. You are going to love the new look once we get finished.

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Acrylic sealing

Acrylic Sealing

Acrylic sealing is a great way to protect certain surfaces in or outside your home in order to make them easier to clean and help protect them from mold growth. When it comes to taking care of this type of service though, you need to know you have a team of trusted experts on your side. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do to protect your roof tiles, garage floor, paver patio and more.

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To fully protect your South Florida home you have to also take care of waterproofing. This area is subjected to a great deal of rain and lingering moisture which can begin to cause problems with your home. Things like black mold can even cause health problems. So let us help you protect your home, and your family, from this type of potential threat.

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Roof seal coating

Roof Seal Coating

With seal coating your entire home benefits from ultimate protection from the hot Florida sun. Seal coating your roof reduces home cooling costs by up to 20% which helps your air conditioner run more efficiently. Reflective coatings works by directing the the sun’s U.V. rays away from your home keeping your home cool all summer longer.

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Fascia wood repair

Fascia Wood Repairs

Your roof, gutters, and supporting features like the fascia are continuously exposed to the elements and sometimes require repairs. Our team will provide you with quality fascia wood repairs to help protect the integrity.

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For carpentry service in your home, it's good to know you have reliable experts to contact for assistance. Call Big Green Men and let us take care of any carpentry needs you have.

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Soffit installation

Soffit Installation & Replacement

We're happy to help local homeowners needing soffit installation or replacement. Call us to find out more about this service and schedule your appointment.

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Cabinet painting

Cabinet Painting

Why replace your cabinets when you can let BiBig Green Menepaint them? Cabinet painting saves you time and money during a project like a kitchen remodeling, and it's the more eco-friendly alternative to cabinet replacement.

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