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South Florida Roof Cleaning ContractorBIG GREEN Men Eco wash will clean and restore your South Florida roof to its original condition. Our cleaning solution will make your roof look “like new”. The product is organic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and safe for use around pets, children, swimming pools, and plants!

Never ever, ever pressure wash your roof!! Absolutely the worst possible thing you can do to your roof. The Association of Asphalt Roof Manufactures AARMA tells you the best way to do it.

Always hire a NO PRESSURE South Florida roof cleaning professional. The majority of our pressure washer chemicals, and other chemicals are environmentally friendly, they achieve great results. Pressure Washer approved cleaning solutions are biodegradable, harmless for humans and easy to use.

Need Exterior Building Maintenance?

Here in the South Florida, many homeowners are familiar with the ever-present mold and mildew due to the damp environment. Sometimes it is simply easier to ignore when that green or black starts spreading across the sidewalk, driveway, or up the sides of the building. Or when your deck or patio seems to change to a different color. However, as it builds up, the result can cause the owner a great deal of expense getting the resulting repairs completed, such as roof replacement, re-painting, sanding, etc.

Regular maintenance cleaning of those areas will result in less wear and tear, less repairs, and even in some cases, less health problems. Contact Big Green Men for an estimate on regular maintenance and no longer worry about those pesky algae, molds and mildews from sticking around!

Why Pressure Washing Your Roof Is A Bad Idea

If you were wondering why pressure washing your roof is a bad idea, then you came to the right place. The good news your hunch is right, and using a pressure washer on a roof is a big “NO-NO”. In the competitive world of roof and exterior cleaning, most people ask us for “pressure washing” or “roof cleaning quotes”. Don’t be fooled by “low prices”, and here is why.

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Selling Your Home?

If you were wondering why pressure washing your roof is a bad idea, then you came to the right place. The good news your hunch is right, and using a pressure washer on a roof is a big “NO-NO”. In the competitive world of roof and exterior cleaning, most people ask us for “pressure washing” or “roof cleaning quotes”. Don’t be fooled by “low prices”, and here is why.

The very first impression that a potential buyer forms about your home is based on the appearance of the exterior. Most buyers truly appreciate the value of great architecture and well-manicured landscaping. However, that can all be erased if the exterior does not present well. Unfortunately, when someone sees the same things every day, it is hardly noticed when the gutters, sidewalk, roof, or parking lot slowly becomes dirty and dingy.

Here is just one example of what happens to your roof over time, and what it could look like after we clean it up!

south florida roof  cleaning  south florida roof cleaning

south florida roof  cleaning  south florida roof  cleaning

Many people have little time to deal with the exterior because of all the things that need to be done to present the interior just right. So if you want to get that great "first impression" to your buyers, or just haven't got the time to spend working on the exterior, call Big Green Men to help you get everything looking in tip-top shape!

Check out this article for great information!

Roof Stain Removal And Roof Cleaning Solution

Don't let ugly roof stains ruin the look & property value of your home.

Big Green Men roof cleaning solution is the safest, most effective method available to remove those dark streaks and stains from your roof. There is absolutely no need to prematurely re-roof when your roof can look like new for a fraction of replacement costs. Don't spend thousands of dollars to replace your dirty shingles when all they need is a professional roof cleaning by trained technicians using state-of-the art equipment and the safest, most effective roof cleaning techniques and agents available anywhere - Big Green Men roof cleaning solution. In addition, we can keep those stains off your roof for years to come with our annual preventative treatments or installation of algae inhibitors.

What causes UGLY roof stains?

Ever wonder what those black streaks are on your roof? Can they be removed with a Roof Washing or Roof Cleaning?

The black streaks are mold, algae and lichen and, it is actually living on and eating your shingles. In the late 1980s, roofing manufacturers reformulated asphalt shingles, removing some asphalt and replacing it with crushed limestone. This limestone is the food source for the algae. Left untreated, this can shorten shingle life and increase electric bills due to the loss of the reflective granules.

The black streaks usually begin on the north side of the roof or one where trees block the sun. This provides a few extra hours of morning dew or delays the evaporation of rain, providing a moist environment, which is ideal for mold and algae growth.

Utilizing our "Soft Wash" roof cleaning methods, combined with the best high-grade commercial detergents, we are able to provide the highest level of cleanliness without the risk of damage from high-pressure methods. Our roof cleaning solutions are approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association (ARMA), and provide enough cleaning power to remove all mold, algae and black streaks from your roof...without any pressure washing or heavy rinsing. We never use pressure to clean your roof shingles.

plus optional Annual Preventative Treatment to keep stains off for the life of the shingles!
Call the Professionals.


Another reason why BIG GREEN MEN you should keep your roof clean is for raccoons and wildlife critters.

BIG GREEN MEN, Yes, we clean roofs. We don’t do it because we like walking on slippery slopes 30 feet off the ground though. We do it because there is a direct connection between those ugly, black streaks and animals entering your home.

That’s right. Without proper maintenance, your roof could actually attract animals. Raccoons, squirrels and roof rats all are attracted by chemical odors given off by rotting wood. Nine times out of ten, when we see an animal entry through a roof or fascia board, they have chosen to go through where wood has started to rot. They did not choose that spot randomly, nor did they just decide to go house hunting.

Animals don’t do things randomly or for no reason. They are actually attracted to the smell of rotting wood (mildew and mold) because in nature they HAVE LEARNED TO ASSOCIATE THAT SMELL WITH FOOD AND SHELTER.

Rotting trees contain insects and larvae, which are food to most vertebrates including squirrels, and rotting wood often provides hollows for shelter. Even humans with our weak sense of smell can detect rotting wood, but animals with their keener sense will zero in on it on our homes long before we know there is a problem.

Their natural response to the smell is to start digging-- the same way they would dig out insects from a rotting log. On your roof, the wood sheathing will start to mildew and mold if moisture gets under the shingles or tiles even metal roofs. Moisture will get to the sheathing if the integrity of even one shingle or tile is breached. Then, the smell of mildew and mold attracts animals.

This explains why one homeowner is plagued with animal problems while his neighbor is not--and why good home maintenance is money saved.


Roof shingles or tiles and or metal roofs may be compromised by algae, lichens or moss or mold or a combination of these organisms. The black stains you see on roofs are caused by algae (Gloeocapsa magma). The algae itself-- if left long enough-- may penetrate a shingle, tile, and even metal roofs, however the primary danger is that lichens, mold, will develop on the roof. Lichens, mold, are a composite organism comprised of algae, mold, and a fungus and cause more damage more quickly than algae alone. Moss and mold causes the most damage in the shortest time span.
Protecting your home is what do and-- while cleaning your roof may be dangerous work--the consequences of animal invasion make the task worth the risk.

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