Importance of Key West Bottom Boat Painting

Key West Bottom Boat PaintingIf you are new to all things nautical then the term bottom boat painting may be unfamiliar to you. If you intend to be involved in boating in Key West then it is certainly time to learn a little more about the details, including this important service. You may also hear it referred to as antifouling paint so just know the two are basically interchangeable.

This is a paint or coating that is designed and used to discourage barnacles, weeds and other growth from developing on the bottom of your boat. These organisms attach themselves to your boat for a place to live and, in some cases, eat. So this service is meant to help prevent the problem. Generally these days it is copper used in the paint that keeps marine life from making the bottom of your boat a new home.

So it only makes sense that the higher the level of copper that is included, the better the ability to deter these organisms. Of course, this also means the higher the cost. Yet in an effort to move towards more eco-friendly paint, the amount of copper included in newer versions is often minimal.

Who is it Good For?

If your boat stays in the water year round this is a must. Even if you keep your boat in water most of the boating season, which tends to be year round here, it is a good idea. It is much easier to prevent a buildup of barnacles or other wildlife then to have to have it removed. What you do need to understand is that once you go bottom boat paint you can never go back.

In other words, this is a service that will require maintenance and upkeep but it will be worth it. The only other alternative is to use waxing but this in intended for short term use in water not long term. Now, even more importantly, is to find out more about who you should be trusting to get the job done.

Choosing Your Dream Team

Since 2000 Big Green Men has been taking care of the service needs of locals in Key West and surrounding areas. And one thing we certainly understand is the importance of proper care when it comes to Key West bottom boat painting. We want to be able to make your ability to enjoy your boat enhanced by focusing on doing what you want to do out there, we will take care of the rest. IF you want the best in service when it comes to tasks like this, then give us a call.

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