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Hallandale Pressure WashingBIG GREEN MEN was founded by Allan Zabo in February of 2000.  In the years since its creation the company has labored on two different continents bringing new levels of excellence to various refits as well as several new builds. We offer great customer service and expert specialists for your job. We are confident that we can help with your Hallandale pressure washing and industrial cleaning job.

We've been serving all of the South communities for 15 years and have quickly risen to become South Florida most experienced pressure washing, and roof cleaning contractor. Our cutting edge cleaning methods allow us to clean just about any surface on the outside of your home or business using safe, low pressure cleaning techniques.

Big Green Men - Hallandale Roof Cleaning

Here in Hallandale, many homeowners are familiar with the ever-present mold and mildew due to the damp environment. Sometimes it is simply easier to ignore when that green or black starts spreading across the sidewalk, driveway, or up the sides of the building. Or when your Hallandale deck or patio seems to change to a different color. However, as it builds up, the result can cause the Hallandale owner a great deal of expense getting the resulting repairs completed, such as roof replacement, re-painting, sanding, etc.

Regular maintenance cleaning of those areas will result in less wear and tear, less repairs, and even in some cases, less health problems. Contact Big Green Men for an estimate on regular maintenance and no longer worry about those pesky algae, molds and mildews from sticking around!

Hallandale Walkway Cleaning

Taking care of the inside of your home is a chore in itself, but don't forget about the outside. Walkways are a good example of places that get neglected when it comes to cleaning and clearing the exterior of your Hallandale home.

At The Big Green Men,we specialize in clearing your walkway of unwanted obstacles. Let us come out to your home or business and clean up your walkways. Our Hallandale expert walkway cleaning specialists will give you the results you deserve.

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Pressure Wash to Sell Your Hallandale Home

Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Curb appeal. That's the mantra of real estate sellers everywhere. One major answer to curb appeal is exterior spotlessness. A high pressure washer can make your outside sparkle and help sell your house.

First, start at the top. Power wash your roof to eliminate bird droppings. Your home loses a good deal of its value if buyers see a moldy roof or the buyer suspects there may be mold in the house.
Next, surprise likely buyers by making your home's vinyl exterior bright from a thorough power pressure washing.

Your driveway and pathways as well as stone and brick walls should be clear of moss and debrie also. When the outdoor looks clean and pleasing it makes the buyer believe that the full house has been well taken care of. A short time with a high power washer can make those areas look great.

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